Silver Street Gallery

Silver Street Gallery and Studio is my working studio which is located on St.Marys, and is open to the public all year round. When I’m not painting outside I’m usually working on larger paintings inside. When visiting you can also see current work in progress, and chat while watching me work


The Sherris’s have been living on Scilly for many generations, and having lived here nearly all my life I have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the islands and island life.

I have a great sensitivity towards the islands and it’s wild life. I always try to express this in my paintings.

Having spent the last fifteen years painting the beaches and coastline on Scilly I am now exploring the interior more. The buildings, farms, fields and workspaces. Trying to capture all aspects of island life.

I have embarked on a series of paintings depicting the Islands at work

As my painting style continues to evolve my goal with each piece is not a literal rendering of the scene.  Instead it is to capture and convey its essence.

In terms of composition, I look for simplicity, rendering just enough information to give the viewer a sense of being there. To help capture this feeling I find that painting on location in front of the subject is essential.

I have been a full time professional artist and gallery owner for fifteen years.

In the winter months I love to travel with my paints looking for new subjects and challenges. This helps me develop and keeps my painting fresh