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Latest new paintings streamed from my Facebook page. Here you can view the latest 20 or so paintings and the latest news from my studio on Scilly.

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This mornings sunrise from Porthcressa. Oil on linen 10×12

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This was the last painting I did in Venice a couple of hours before we caught the water taxi home. I was like the kid that didn’t wanna leave the playpark. Acrylic on board 10 x 14

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Some of the paintings done the last three weeks.

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Yes I know, it’s another one from Venice. Sunrise from “monet’s” spot. Acrylic on linen 12×16

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Another from Venice. Ospedale. Oil on linen. 10×8

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Painted the 28 tram in Lisbon. Oil on linen 12×16

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Belém monastery Lisbon. Oil on linen 10×8

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Belém tower. Portugal. Oil on linen. 10×8

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Lisbon today. From São Miguel. Beautiful day. Oil on linen.

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Last day in Venice. Got up at six to catch the sunrise, then just enough time to sketch this one.

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Piazza San Marco during the Acqua Alta. Oil on linen. 10×12

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Painted the Salute from next to Harry’s bar. Venice. 12×16 oil on linen

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Painting in venice for a few days. Alison clearly did not see me paint enough at the studio this year. Oil on linen 10×12

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In Brighton today. Painted the penny lift. Childhood memories of holidays. 10×12 oil on linen.

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Silver Street Gallery - Steve Sherris Art's cover photo

Painting in the golden hour at Botallick tin mines.

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Silver Street Gallery, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0PZ, 01720 422722

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